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We watched 'Om Shanti Om' yesterday...It was a decent movie.. Typical Hindi masala movie... a movie with a lot of good commercial value. The story though is nothing new, kinda reminds you of a yesteryear movie, 'Karz'. A soul after death,reincarnates itself into another body to get his revenge and fulfill his unfinished dreams of the previous life..
While watching the movie I felt -what crap.. its total fiction.. reincarnation never happens!! But then I gave a thought to it and later told my wife, Ill write a blog about reincarnation. She asked me- reincarnation, do you really believe in it? My answer was 'I don't know!!'- By the way, if you know me this is my typical answer for every question..Anyway, so she told me to go and read Hindu beliefs, Greek beliefs etc. about reincarnation. In fact she herself told me what we Hindus believe- apparently we go through millions of rebirths(I don't exactly remember the number she quoted). It all seems unbelievable esp knowing that we don't really remember anything from the previous birth. Before I went and read the other prevalent beliefs I thought Ill think about it myself.. After giving some thought to it I believe reincarnation does exist. May not be to the extent described in the movies, or may not even be in that form, but it does exist. I am talking about the reincarnation of thoughts, reincarnation of beliefs.And to top it its not by birth, its induced!!
We are born in this world without any preconceived notions and thoughts.. However over the course of our development the society, in the form of our parents, grandparents, friends and many others, inflicts millions of thoughts onto us. We assimilate them and make them our part. A lot of people who gave us those thoughts no may be no longer there but the thought remains. They do exist in each one of us long after they are gone and then we pass on the same things to the generations after us. Don't you think this is reincarnation of a kind? In fact the the very statements about Hindu or Greek mythological beliefs I made earlier are passed along as reincarnations of thought. The society factions of today are a result of multiple reincarnations.An individual lets live a lot of thoughts that came onto him through someone in himself and thus becomes an abode of lot of reincarnations. A lot of people's souls live in him in the form of their thoughts.A lot of time it happens involuntarily. Really I feel a lot of our society is like this-a reincarnation of thoughts of the individuals who lived before. However once in a while there comes someone who develops some sort of a shield on him. He doesn't let the age old thoughts deter him. He doesn't allow other people to be to stay in him in any form. At this point a new individual is actually ' born'. Such an individual changes the course of the society because now he starts the process of trying to create reincarnations for him.Just look at examples of Gandhi, Martin Luther King...
Really, its up to us to let these reincarnations exist. A lot of times as I said earlier we cant really avoid them. However I feel we should take an effort to form at least some sort of a shield. We should make a choice of what thoughts we let live within us. The more we try to give ourselves a new birth, more would be the revolutions we would bring in the society. We should keep in mind though that the choice we make of our birth makes the society better.

Why do we exist??  

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This is one question that bugs me a lot of times when I am doing nothing. Really, why do we exist? What made us? Where would we be once we are dead?

Life runs day after day and we go on spending our life either thinking about what is going to happen an year from now, a month from now, a week from now all the way down to the next moment. But what is all this worth? All the tensions, worries, even happy moments… Billions and Billions of people all around the world are just spending their life and each passing day is taking them closer to their end. What after that? The answer is – Nothing!! All this is going to come to a screeching halt one fine day, which would be as routine as today or even yesterday.

Anyway, thinking all this is having a very pessimistic attitude towards life. Instead we should be appreciative of the fact that we got a chance to exist, a chance to experience this mysterious world with all its complexities. We are in fact blessed to be a human to have feelings, to have people who long for us to be responsible for something, to love, to hate….

It is important for us to perform our duties of existence, the duties which have been imposed upon us because of the very fact that we live. Take fun in them. Try to find a way to be happy, a way to make this life better, a way to make yourself feel happy in any possible manner, a way to really ‘exist’ coz there would be a time when this would end but you would not want to regret it.

Make hay while this sun is shining over us…..


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Its been a while since I have been thinking about starting a blog. However I keep on procrastinating just by the thought that my laziness would never let me continue it..Frankly telling it was also the apprehension of being able to write decent stuff.. Its been a while since I have done that now.
So today finally after a lot of persuasion from my wife here I am, starting my very first blog... Actually she was the one who started the blog for me.

The name 'Labyrinth' comes from the very nature of human mind- a complex maze of thoughts..

I intend to share my labyrinth of thoughts here.. Hopefully this goes on for a while....